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Company Profile

Columbia Petrochemicals founded in 1992 with a vision of becoming the most respectable and sought-after wax company in the nation. We have become one of the leading reliable manufacturers, exporters of Waxes with extensive knowledge, experience and fair business practice. Our wide distribution network and integrated infrastructure allows us to serve our client with quality waxes.

Our Waxes are known for its effectiveness, accurate composition, purity appearances etc. Throughout the years, we served reputed companies in domestic and overseas market. Our unit is approved by Technical Evaluation Committee of Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas, New Delhi.

Vision -

To become the most respectable and sought- after wax company in the nation.

Mission -

To manufacture Speciality Waxes and oil for the world market in a cost-effective manner and provide delivered tangible value to the customers and shareholders.

Manufacturing Facility

Columbia petrochemicals have set up a manufacturing plant in 1992 and over the years it has been continuously upgraded with the latest, state-of-the-art facilities of process control, material handling, environment protection and safety.Our unit is approved by Technical Evaluation Committee of Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas, New Delhi. This is one of the largest plants of India with a manufacturing capacity 6000 tons per annum.

Research and development

R & D is in the DNA of our growth. With the rising technological advancements and the constant need for innovation we have a customer focused-product development facility. Our facility is equipped with modern analytical instruments and application equipment like Rheometer, 2 Roll Mill, Thermal Stability Tester, Bench Scale Extruder, Compounding Extruder, Molding Machine etc. Our product management team understands the client’s application purpose and provides the tailor-made solutions for them. Our R & D facility is recognized by Indian Institute of Petroleum, Dehradun.

Human Resource

Our main strength is the people working for us. We have a dedicated workforce with the help of whom we achieve our objectives. We constantly upgrade their skills by providing them in house training and by conducting workshops for them.