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Columbia Petrochemicals will help you stay at the forefront of your industry with our Products, Technical Service and Customer Support.

Plastic additives

Plastic additives

Columbia petrochemicals is leading manufacturer of P.E waxes which enhances the quality and performance of plastic additives and one pack stabilizers.


At present we are supplying our quality products to leading plastic additives and one pack stabilizer manufacturers in India and abroad.


Our wax enhances the performance of plastic additives due to its high melting point, excellent thermal stability and chemical resistance. The compatibility of our wax with polyolefin polymers improves the flow characteristic and prolongs the gelation time thereby increasing the performance of plastic additives.


PVC Extrusion

Our P.E wax works as an external lubricant which improves the output of the machine during extrusion. It imparts gloss on the pipe surface and protects the outer surface from U.V radiation.


Our wax has high melting point with good heat stability which prolongs the gelation time.


The efficiencyand performance of our product is so high that only small doses of 0.2% to 1 % gives excellent results.

Road marking paint

Road marking paint

We are the supplier of P.E waxes to the leading road marking paint manufacturers in India and abroad. Our wax is preferred among the leading suppliers due to its characteristics of good heat resistance,weather ability, abrasion resistance, acid and alkali resistance.


When mixed as a material of a thermoplastic road marking paint, it greatly improves the stain resistance, flow ability and mixing dispersibility.

Master Batches

Master Batches

Following are the advantages of using our wax in the masterbatch


It acts as a dispersing agent.


It increases the colour strength by 5-15%.


It lowers the filter pressure.


Due to above mentioned advantages our wax is the most preferred one among manufacturers of masterbatch in India and abroad.

Hot melt adhesives

Hot melt adhesives

Columbia petrochemicals have partnered with manufacturers of a wide variety of adhesives with emphasis on hot melt adhesives.


One of the key components in hot melt adhesives products are waxes.


Our waxes not only optimize the viscosity, flow and “set time” properties for hot melt products but also influences the bond strength, crystallization rates and thermal stability of the bond.

Cable filling/ flooding compounds

Cable filling/ flooding compounds

Columbia petrochemicals waxes increase the melting point and viscosity of cable filling compound and flooding compound.


Our wax has highly crystalline nature, excellent heat stability and good electrical properties because of which cable filling and flooding compound are highly stable and consistency of gels are maintained over wide temperature range. The dose of P.E wax in cable filling and flooding compound is 5- 10%.

Powder coating

Powder coating

Columbia petrochemical waxes have high molecular weight, high melting point and very good heat stability which the reason it is being used by major powder coating manufacturers in India and abroad.


The usual dose is 1-5%.

Printing inks


Our wax in powder form is widely used by ink manufacturers. The optimal dose is 5% of total ink solids.


The advantages of using our P.E wax in ink is


It improves the abrasion and scratch resistance.


It improves the rub resistance.


It minimizes the gloss reduction.


It has anti blocking properties.